One of the most beloved names of PowerProg Metal, not only in Brazil but all over the globe, is back, stronger, more determined than ever, and presenting new members: Scelerata has just confirmed its new lineup.

Alongside the founder and drummer Francis Cassol and vocalist Jonathas Pozo, Scelerata also has the new members Pedro Fauth (ex-Figtherlord and Francis’ partner in the band Street Flash) on bass guitar, and Leo Nunes (Luis Kalil band) on guitar.

The surprise stands on the other guitar, featuring the return of the talented Magnus Wichmann, who needs no further presentation to Scelerata fans. The musician not only took part in all of the band’s albums, but is also Scelerata’s main songwriter.

“It is a great joy for me and for Pozo to count again with Magnus Wichmann, who is an outstanding musician and composer, and now with the incredible musicians Pedro Fauth and Leo Nunes. I’ve known Pedro for over 15 years, he is one of Brazil’s major metal bassists and one of my best friends. About Leo Nunes I can say, with no fear of error, that he is one of the greatest musicians of the new generation of Brazilian metal. He has an impressive talent and is constantly in search for evolution and growth”, says Francis Cassol.

Scelerata is preparing many new features, not only for its comeback, but also to celebrate the band’s 15 year career.

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The band sums up by confirming: “A lot of good stuff is to come! Stay tuned! “- The message is clear, Scelerata is back!